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We are a premier group of specialists in women's health providing up-to-date, state of the art obstetric and gynecologic services by board certified and board eligible obstetricians and gynecologists in Puyallup, Washington. We are dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of women with dignity and respect in a warm and caring environment. It is an honor and privilege to serve you.

Our Mission

"Dedicated to the health care of women" is our motto and the frame work of our philosophy. We will seek to make a difference for our patients. We will seek to promote health that involves recognition of the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the women we serve. We will seek to esteem the value of each life, each person. We will seek through word and action to promote hope instead of despair, peace in place of discord, health in place of illness. We believe life has its origin in God and that His love brings ultimate meaning to life. This recognition, we believe, is the ultimate force of healing, the ultimate source of dignity, and the way to wholeness.

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I am a Certified InTone Specialist Who Treats Female Urinary Incontinence with InTone

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